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Our Staff


Mike Gaylor is our Senior Pastor. He is a graduate of the Baptist College of Florida and Virgina Baptist College. Mike has been in ministry for over forty years and is presently enjoying his 20th year at the church. He and Karen have been married for 43 years. Together they have raised two children and are now enjoying their five grandchildren. "It has been my joy to lead this wonderful congregation for the last 20 years."


Caleb Bryan leads our worship here at the Church at Sun Coast. Husband and father of three growing children, he also teaches history at a local high school. Each week he carefully selects songs that are true to the gospel and uplifting to our congregation.


John Gaylor and Brittany Jordan lead our youth here at the Church at Sun Coast. Through weekly Bible studies and monthly activities they seek to teach our young people what walking in grace means. Their love for youth, combined with their knowledge of the scriptures, provides a safe, nurturing environment for our teens.


Edd Cobb is our associate pastor. Throughout the year he preaches and serves in a number of areas at the Church at Sun Coast. Edd and his wife Cheryl also teach and minister in our adult bible study class.

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